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TOP 10-24-24

Discover the Power of TOP A-B Plantfood: The Dual Formula for Your Garden


TOP Plantfood -NPK 10-24-24

The Pioneer in Plant Nutrition: If you want to see your crops develop with unprecedented growth and blooming, then TOP 10-24-24 is your key to success. This two-part, water-soluble fertilizer - with a potent NPK value of 10-24-24 in component A and an enrichment of Calcium TE+ in component B - is your revolutionary ally in the garden.

High-Quality Nutrition for Superior Crops

Experience how your crops soar to new heights with TOP 10-24-24. The carefully selected, high-tech nutrients ensure that your plants not only grow, but also gain increased nutritional value and strength. We are committed to the highest quality of raw materials to ensure that your crops receive only the best.


Versatile and Widely Applicable.

Whether your green hands are working with soil, coco, rockwool, mapito, hydro, or aqua, TOP 10-24-24 is universally applicable and ensures that every growing medium transforms into fertile ground. This fertilizer is designed for diversity, making it the ideal choice for a wide variety of plant species.

A Boost for Aroma and Flavor

This NPK formula is your secret ingredient for enriching the aroma and flavor of your end product. Specially developed for both the hobbyist and the small-scale professional, TOP 10-24-24 provides a noticeable enhancement for every harvest.


Seamless Integration with TOP Plantfood Products

TOP A-B Plantfood works in perfect harmony with TOP HYPER, TOP Magical Pro, and TOP V-Booster. Together, they form an unmatched nutritional network, optimized for all the crops you cultivate with love.

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